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bright IdeA
9th -
12th grade

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Bright Idea will provide students 10th - 12th grade seeking vocational education or a college pathway with free in-class power industry classes, certification, OJT, internships, and field-related site visits for a fast track (promising transition) into the power industry. 


Bright Idea students will meet two times per week for two hours.  Power industry training will be provided through instructed led, online training and field-related site visits. Bright Idea students will take online, self-paced micro-courses on power related training and Bright Idea students will receive a certificate (skill boosting classes) or diploma (a comprehensive program) that is an essential part of industry certification, other credentials, or apprenticeship training programs. 


Bright Idea students will also receive small-group trainings on power industry topics as well as field-related site visits to local generation plants, power meter shops, control rooms, substations, local power distribution plants, and lineman facilities.   

For information please visit back in June. 

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