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Submit the Summer Food Service Program Online Application:

  • Complete all questions accurately

  • Attach a copy of your organization's 501c3 tax exempt document if you are a non-profit entity

  • Attach a completed For-Profit Certificate if you are a for-profit entity

Submitting multiple site applications

  • Include the name of the site manager and alternate for each site application

  • To participate in the program, each site must have two individuals listed exclusively per site; a duplication of names will not be accepted


If your site name has changed

  • Include the organization’s current name on the application with the
    previous name in parenthesis, i.e. June Public Summer Jamboree (Kids Camp)

  • A change of site name and/or location from previous year participation will classify the site as a new site

Note: Failure to submit a completed application as requested may result in disapproval

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