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2022 - 2023 Afterschool Program


As our community continues to fight through this worldwide pandemic cov19, Knowledge Builders has developed a plan to ensure our youth are safe within our doors.

Knowledge Builders has all the necessary changes to its after-school program to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff, including reducing the number of spots available.   

After-School Program changes include the following:

  • Staff and students will wear face coverings

  • Social distancing is a protocol

  • Daily health/temperature checks will be performed on each participant and each staff member.

  • Hand sanitizer stations are available in each learning area, and intensive cleaning protocols are in place.

  • After-school participants are divided into small groups to minimize contact with others; staff will stay with the same group of children each day. Sharing objects are eliminated as much as possible. 

  • We have contactless pickup and designated pick-up areas.

Our students and staff safety is our only priority and we will continue to offer Knowledge Builders of Florida’s (KBF) S.M.A.R.T.  afterschool program which initiative integrates Sports, Math, Arts, Reading, and Technology in a structured after-school tutorial program for students in Kindergarten - 5th grades.  


Our S.M.A.R.T. program incorporates homework completion/comprehension,  technology development, physical fitness, social skills development, family involvement, nutrition education, art, and cultural awareness, and standardized test preparation in an inclusionary setting.  


As reading continues to be a fundamental tool for academic success, differentiated instruction in reading supports the individualized reading needs of program participants and helps to ensure students most in need of reading assistance receive the most help.  Moreover, KBF was founded and continues to function on the principle that technology basic instruction is another key tool for success.


The program provides students with an enjoyable and engaging learning environment after school when many parents need to be at work. Parents can feel comfortable knowing their children are interacting with their peers in a physically and emotionally safe setting that is aligned with CDC recommendations. Students can participate in structured and self-selected activities with their friends while under the careful supervision of our staff of well-qualified and well-trained Paraprofessionals and Certified Teachers.  


After-school model

Knowledge Builders of Florida, Inc. (KBF) afterschool programs are developed as an extension of the researched-based model “PROJECT LEARN”.   PROJECT LEARN was founded on research conducted by Dr. Reginald Clark which showed that low-income students who engaged in a variety of high-yield learning activities in their non-school hours had greater academics success than those who did not.   High-yield learning activities are enriched versions of many of the same fun activities that Knowledge Builders (KBF) has always implemented and know how to do well.


What is unique about PROJECT LEARN: It is a strategy, not a program based on a set curriculum. Therefore, it looks a little different in each Club and each community.


The goal of PROJECT LEARN is to improve Club members’ school performance by accomplishing the following outcomes among participants:
• Increased motivation to learn.
• Increased school attendance.
• Better grades.


The goal of S.M.A.R.T. is for S.M.A.R.T. Kidz:

  • To enjoy and seek out physical activity and maintain acceptable levels of physical fitness.

  • Improve the school and classroom learning environment, develop social skills, enhance violence prevention, and nurture citizenship.

  • Each student receives assistance with homework completion, while making sure each student understand the concepts, and develops effective study skills, work habits, and organization skills.

  • Increase parents’ desire to become more involved in their child’s academics and after-school program.

  • Demonstrate the power and effectiveness of public-private partnerships to improve education and bolster student achievement

  • Help each young person adopt eating behaviors that will promote health and reduce risk for disease.


For information about accommodations for children with disabilities

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