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Private versus public Some differences between public and private schools are obvious. But deciding what's right for your child entails shedding light on the subtle distinctions many parents ignore. by: GreatSchools Staff 18063.jpg Private versus public! I

  • Smaller Class sizes

  • 1 to 15 teacher to Student Ratio

  • Blended Learning Model

  • Free educational Field Trips

  • Scholarships Available




Knowledge Builders Academy utilizes a blended learning model to deliver high quality outcomes to our students.  Through the utilization of the blended learning model Knowledge Builders Academy is able to provide small group instruction in all core areas of instruction including 90 minutes of Reading/Writing, 60 minutes of Math, and 60 minutes of Science.  Blended learning provides an innovative experience for many students.  Students not only log in and navigate computer-based assignments, but they are more engaged in their work and progressing more quickly through the curriculum.


These four core content areas feature an instructional ratio of 12:1, and students receive instruction from a variety of adults – including Lead Teacher and Intervention Teacher.


Depending on the subject area teachers employ instructional modalities including small group teacher-led instruction, small group self-directed learning through IPads and self-paced work through online learning on laptops. The result is a rotational, blended classroom model, where students cycle through different in-person and online instructional stations over the class period. 

Compass Learning

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